Large scale wind power:we will assist you in selecting the best met mast location as well as its configuration. We will deliver an extensive wind climate description (prepared in compliance with IEC norms) and help you pick the best turbines for your future wind farm. Should you need an expert opinion on the documentation supplied by a third party or would like to assess the quality of a project you are thinking to acquire, Enerpark will help you avoid costly mistakes. You could also benefit from our expertise in SCADA data analysis: identifying availability problems, verification of proper park operation as well as wind resource estimation based on SCADA signals are the examples where we can help you maximize your profits.

Small scale wind power:If you wish to invest in small scale wind power we will help you pick the best location for your turbine, which in the case of small units is especially important. We will help you design and configure hybrid (solar&wind) systems. Urban wind energyis also within the area of our expertise. We see a bright future ahead of small scale generation, especially in Poland.


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