Met mast installation



Based on site visits and documentation we pick a suitable met mast location, at which the wind climate is representative of the wind farm area. Then, a met mast configuration matching specific client’s needs is carefully chosen. We offer up to 120 m tall lattice and tubular masts equipped with measuring instruments calibrated by widely acknowledged calibration facility (Svend Ole Hansen ApS laboratory). Full compliance with IEC standards and MEASNET guidelines is guaranteed, assuring bankability. Depending on site-specific requirements of the authorities, the mast can also be painted and equipped with night-time obstruction lighting. Our masts are powered by PV-cells and small scale wind turbines assuring reliable and renewable energy supply.

Met mast servicing



Maintenance of our met masts is performed at least twice a year. We check out on every measurement device and perform necessary upgrades or tuning (such as guy wire tightening, anemometer replacement, etc.). The ongoing campaigns are monitored daily with the use of a GSM connection. Should any problem occur, our technicians may be sent to the site even within 24 hours.

Measurement Data Management & Analysis



On a daily basis we remotely download, screen and archive the data. Monthly measurement reports are presented to the client. Once a sufficient amount of data is collected (not less than one year),  the measurement data can be correlated with a long-term meteorological reference data (NOAA NCEP/NCAR, ECMWF ERA-Interim and other) which gives a much better estimate of the long-term wind climate at a particular site.


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