ENERPARK and AWS Truepower signed a strategic alliance agreement



This is a natural consequence of a long term cooperation between the two companies. Together we are able to deliver world-class consultancy services on the Central and Eastern European markets. The agreement assumes knowledge and software sharing. It also helps to bring the 30 years of AWS Truepower’s exellence and know-how to the Eastern and Central Europe.

AWS Truepower is an American company which for 30 years has been providing unbiased expert advice in the field of renewable energy. Employing 75 experts and having offices in North America, Europe and Asia AWS Truepower has an impressive track record of realized commercial renewable energy projects. Apart from that, AWS Truepower is a company heavily involved in R&D activities: it has developed wind flow modeling tools dedicated to micro-siting (OPENWIND) as well as meso-scale weather prediction models (MESOMAP). AWS Truepower regularily publishes scientific articles summarizing their research activities. Read more about the company here.